Matchbox Mystery (BRASS) 

A startling pocket effect with a twist! The perfect bar trick.  This one fools everybody. Take an ordinary match, and poke it all the way through an ordinary cardboard matchbox. Not very impressive? Remove the match and open the matchbox- the... Read more →

Flash Tray by Chris Smith

Cause items to impossibly burst into flames at your command. The primary goal when performing magic is to create an intense emotional impact with our audience. Flash Tray allows you to introduce the most dramatic element, FIRE, in an ingenious,... Read more →

Now You See It…

Vanishing Pen by SansMinds (DVD + Gimmicks) It’s this simple: you vanish a pen while the spectator holds it. Doing magic with pens has built-in appeal, since everyone carries them, you can borrow them anywhere, and they are universally... Read more →

The Wowlett is Here!

Wowlett (No Gimmick) by RSVP Magic From a concept by Luke Dancy, ‘The Wowlett’ allows you to perform card to wallet like never before. At last the Wow gimmick is made logical and completely invisible. For example: Imagine having... Read more →
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