Now You See It…

Vanishing Pen by SansMinds (DVD + Gimmicks)

It’s this simple: you vanish a pen while the spectator holds it.

Doing magic with pens has built-in appeal, since everyone carries them, you can borrow them anywhere, and they are universally recognized. You cradle a pen within a napkin leaving each end exposed in plain view. The spectator holds the napkin with the pen VISIBLY dangling beneath. You clap your hands together and…instantly…the pen disappears. This is a practical, astounding illusion with the simplest of objects. There’s so much you can do with this Vanishing Pen. The coolest thing is making it vanish in a tiny plastic bag. That way you can see it until the last second…and you don’t get ink on your hands. But there are also cool ways to make it visually appear, which you can figure out by playing around with it.

The vanish occurs thanks to a gimmicked Bic-style pen that looks just like a real one. For comparison, I happened to already own an entire box of real Bic pens that the gimmicked pen was designed to mimic. And even if you don’t own such pens, I’m sure that they are easy to find. The kit includes an ungimmicked pen that matches if you want to swap it out. The designers have put in lots of effort to make the pen work in real life situations – it even writes. You won’t want to use this as your main pen, but I like the added convincer that everything is normal. The finish on the gimmicked pen is such that it easily blends in with a pile real pens, but if you know what to look for, you can immediately locate it.

Performing the vanish is quite simple. In fact, if you can vanish a gimmicked ketchup or beer bottle, you can easily perform this one. Angles are wide and you can perform the effect surrounded. Reset is fast but you’ll want to do this out of sight of spectators. The quality gimmicked pen works just as it should and I think it should be fairly durable.

I like the idea of vanishing an ordinary object such as a pen. And when the gimmick looks this good, this one is worth checking out and performing.

About Sansminds

For a long time, there’s an intangible hurtle between the secrets – perhaps logic? – in the art of magic from the east side of the world and west side of the world. Technology has brought people closer than ever in history. It is the right timing to further our art by emerging the best and most elite performers’ thinking from the opposite end of the world. My mission is to open the door in conjunction of the two sides and let the collaboration happens itself. The history shall be the witness of how far this project can take us.
In here, there’s no ‘OH MY GOD’ that type of movie style fancy magic demos that build up the hype but show you no sense of the real important thing – magic. As performers, we all know the real reaction comes after a well presented effect. Our demo will only show you the real work as you are watching the effect live. No hype, no camera trick or editing, but realistic magic effect.