Matchbox Mystery (BRASS) 

A startling pocket effect with a twist!

The perfect bar trick.  This one fools everybody. Take an ordinary match, and poke it all the way through an ordinary cardboard matchbox. Not very impressive? Remove the match and open the matchbox- the box is entirely filled by a solid metal block! How did the match pass through that??!!

Show your hands empty. EVERYTHING is self-contained, and there’s NOTHING to hide.

1. Push a match through a matchbox
2. Open it to show a SOLID BLOCK of metal.
3. Everything can be examined, and it’s SUPER EASY to learn.

“It will fool everyone” -Chris Turchi

I am an engineer, and I’ve shown this to other engineers. It has fooled everyone I’ve shown it to. Most people think I’ve palmed the brass block somehow. No one has ever guessed the real secret.” -Eric A. from Greenville, SC

Top notch effect that no one has figured out yet and I have shown it to about 50 people including my brother in law who is an engineer.” -Eli from Sacramento, CA

A MUST HAVE” -W. Housley from Colorado

“Within minutes of receiving I showed to my wife and she was blown away!!” -Chris L from New Jersey

This one is so easy to do! If you can hold a matchbox in your hand, you can do the trick!

The brass block in this version of the trick is smooth as seen in the demo video. As Rick mentions in the video, the ordinary matchbox you’ll get with this trick can be replaced anytime with a new paper matchbox, available at most supermarkets. Another variation on this trick, instead of pushing the match through the matchbox, you can use a needle and thread. Pass the needle and half of the thread through the box, then stop and show that the thread is indeed going right through the box.

About Rick Lax

Becoming a lawyer, writer, poker-master, and magician was no easy task for Rick Lax. While you’d think the diversity of interests would interfere with his magic, Rick reasons if anything, it has made his magic stronger; giving him a unique perspective on things.

Ricks advice for any aspiring magicians. “After you perform a new trick for people, ask them what they thought. Say, “Be honest: Did it fool you? Or did you figure it out? If you figured it out, it’s okay.” Sometimes people are shy at first—they’re reluctant to tell you that your new trick sucks. But if you don’t know which of your tricks suck, how will you know which of your tricks are truly amazing? They can’t all be winners.”

While writing at the Las Vegas Weekly, Rick has mingled and connected with an array of people. In the mean time he’s managed to write three books: Lawyer Boy, I Get Paid for This, and Fool Me Once. Rick debuted on theory11 with the release of Vertigo - the effect proved to be a remarkable success. His follow up projects HIGHRISE and Detach did equally well. Rick is praised for his classic presentation and unique methodolog